Sunday, October 01, 2006

Saturday Morning - Fair Conditions

Awaiting the stream from Coronal Hole 241 I set out to Kongsfjord to erect the two last beverages for the upcoming KONG DX-peditions, and to do some DX. OK signals from North America until the disturbance set in at around 0300 UTC when they faded in favour of South America, mainly Venezuela but some La Plata as well. North American stations returned around sunrise 0400, but very broad (from Ontario to the West Coast) which rarely brings in anything new. Still, at 0505 I heard a good signal from WTVN Columbus OH 610, new, through the Loran C noise. I sent a report a few hours later and received an email verie yesterday evening, only 12 hours after I had heard it.

Most stations had faded out around 0600, two hours after sunrise.

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