Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recent Verifications

KUJ Walla Walla WA 1420 "Many have tried but yours was the easiest to verify." This statement from the v/s may suggest that we sometimes submit audio clips that are too infested in noise, or too weak, to the stations we hear? I heard KUJ on the Perseus SDR on February 26 with quite a good signal.
KWYZ Everett WA 1230 has become a very good verifier with a great QSL jpg you can enjoy on Arnstein's blog.
CINF Montreal QC 690 is a station that is occasionally heard here, but rarely strong. Friendly email confirmed a 2006 reception. Thanks OJS for contact info.
KBRO Bremerton WA 1490 was heard October 15, 2007 with a Spanish full-hour announcement. KBRO is one of four stations comprising Radio Mision Cristiana in Washington; the others being KDLY-1280, KNTB-1480 and KXPA-1540. Thanks to RealDX members for directing me to KBRO.
CHHA Toronto ON 1610 took some time - a 2005 reception. Email-verie and a request to voice a "distant listener" promo. CHHA is currently ND, but will change to a directive antenna system soon. Powers will be 10 kW days, 225 watt nights.
KZDC San Antonio TX 1250 brief email this evening. KZDC was heard on a couple of occasions during KONG17 with their "La Lupe" moniker - until then unheard at least in Norway. Nice catch. Texas verie no. 10.
CHTM Thompson MB 610 after a number of tries, email verie this afternoon. Thanks ABU for contact info. And that concludes the Manitoba hunt. 19 of 19 stations confirmed, none left to chase. Today there are only 16 stations left, after CKY-580, CKRC-630 and CKX-1150 left AM.
CJBC Toronto ON 860 - this Societé Radio Canada station heard with a fair signal early night on October 15, 2007. Thanks Jean Burnell for doing the ID work. Yes, my French is lousy.
WSHY Lafayette IN 1410 - heard September 18, 2007 on an SDR-IQ. Thanks OJS for contact info.

My KONG17 Logs - New Update

Seems like it takes forever to produce logs from last autumn's DX... anyway here is the second update from my logs during the KONG17 (October) DX-pedition. Most updates on the Asia and Pacific parts. They are beginning to look good. As usual, stations names in bold are new logs for me, and the most common stations are omitted. Times in UTC, dates in format.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiwi Verifications

Two new veries from New Zealand tonight, with
Radio Trackside, Rotorua 1548 kHz
(listed as 990 watts), and
Radio Trackside, Gisborne 1485 kHz
(listed as 1 kW).
1548 had occasionally good signal levels, while 1485 was totally obliterated by superstrong NRK Svalbard except for a three-second period on the top of the hour when NRK did one of their rare time pips. Cool timing. Heard with the SDR-IQ.

Friday, March 14, 2008

1XX "One Double X" Whakatane NZ 1242 Verification

Rather amazing that a 2 kW Kiwi is able to break the dominance of 100 kW JOLF Tokyo, but early in the day stations in the southern part of Japan are often weaker than usual. A few minutes on October 17 1XX was actually audible with readable levels for the KONG17 crew to enjoy. Friendly email today confirmed my reception. One Double X operates in the Bay of Plenty on 1242 and several FM frequencies with a hot adult contemporary format, extensive news coverage and local information.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

V6AJ Kosrae State Radio 1503, Micronesia Verification

V6AJ was heard on October 16, 2007 by the KONG17 crew in Kongsfjord with a relatively good signal a few minutes before being drowned by Japan and New Zealand. To our knowledge it is the first MW reception from the Federated States of Micronesia in Europe. (Some may remember that I claimed V6AK 1593 in October 2006. It proved to be wrong, and most likely was Radio Samoa, NZ). We had to use the creative parts of our brains to be able to verify this. Apparently, there is still some creativity left...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recent Verifications

KSLL Price UT 1080 - heard October 15, 2007. It was running "KASL 1080" jingles so not immediately apparent which one this was. Thanks OJS and members of the RealDX reflector who solved this.
KWOR Worland WY 1340 - heard October 16, 2007.
WBEV Beaver Dam WI 1430 - heard October 16, 2007. My 25th Wisconsin verie.
KDMA Montevideo MN 1460 - heard October 8, 2007
KZPA Fort Yukon AK 900 - heard October 15, 2007
WBEN Buffalo NY 930 - heard on November 15, 2007. My 2oth NY verie. Had some trouble getting to people through their normal email addresses, but the contact form on did the trick.

All were heard on an RF Space SDR-IQ.