Thursday, May 24, 2007

WSDZ Belleville IL 1260 Verification

Swift email from GM Ted Zimmerman at WSDZ today confirmed my October 19, 2004 reception. It is the third Radio Disney station on 1260 I've heard and confirmed. A nice catch; the Disney stations in Cleveland and especially Boston are more frequent. Despite being licensed to Belleville IL, St. Louis MO is the main market for this station.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

KNFL Tremonton UT 1470 Verification

A most pleasant email from President Morgan Skinner of Legacy Communications Corp. confirmed my KNFL reception of January 7. KNFL is a relatively new station, mostly simulcasting KOGN-1490 with Adult Standards. It was heard last fall in Parka and Lemmenjoki, but for some reason it seemed to slip unnoticed through the Kongsfjord DX-peds. When I did hear KNFL it was only for a minute until it faded back into the WMBD/KWSL/WBKV jumble.

Legacy also owns KENT Parowan 1400 which we heard with good signals on the KONG15 DX-pedition.

Monday, May 07, 2007

KQDJ Jamestown ND 1400 Verification

Very swift reply from KQDJ this evening confirmed my Jan 7 reception. I needed help from my friends at the RealDX reflector to identify this, but the ID was quite clear: "Your home for the... on ESPN Sportsradio AM 1400 KQDJ."

WGBF Evansville IN 1280 Verification

Friendly email from John Story, PD at WGBF today confirmed my December 31 reception. Quite unexpected as I only heard the usual dominants from Denver, Neenah and Minneapolis at the time, but when checking a recording I found WGBF surfacing with a program promotion voiced by John. Never heard this one before, so a most welcome addition to my modest (7 veries) Indiana collection.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bjarnes Radiosamling i Adresseavisen?

(Sorry to those who do not understand Norwegian - this is domestic stuff...)
Jeg formoder at denne annonsen i Adressa (Trondheim) ikke har noe med meg å gjøre - dog var det en ganske morsom sak. Faktisk er jeg på jakt etter en gammel sovjetisk reiseradio i disse dager, så hvem vet - kanskje jeg finner en tante Anna? Takk til Arnstein for utklippet.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

VOA Radio Ashna, Kabul 1296 Verification

Friendly email from Jiri Fisher at VOA this evening confirmed my reception of VOA Radio Ashna, Kabul 1296 kHz. Afghanistan is actually a new country for me.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

KBYR Anchorage AK 700 Verification

KBYR puts out one of the strongest Alaskan signals into Northern Scandinavia, but was unwilling to respond to reports for many years. Not so today, as GM Justin McDonald responds to emailed reports with a form letter and a KBYR logo jpg attached. KBYR is locally owned and uses the "Smart Radio" moniker. My 30th Alaska verie of 35 reported.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

KOVE Lander WY 1330 Verification

It took a long, hard struggle to log this one. I have endless hours of recordings on 1330 waiting for it to pop up long enough for an ID...nada. Until March 22 when I heard a brief "KOVE" identification as the dominating WLOL and CJYM were in a fade. Owner and GM Joe Kenney emailed a friendly response today. Joe's major hobby is old cars and he sent me a photo of his 1964 Corvette which he finished restorating last summer. Veeery cool!

KNDC Hettinger ND 1490 Verification

Heard this one on October 12 with a fair signal, mixing with KOVC Valley City ND. Very swift email from Nolan Dix today, after a few tries. Many DX-ers in Northern Scandinavia heard KNDC this winter, as commented by Mr. Dix: "We do seem to get a lot of these..."

My North Dakota verie no 15, of 17 heard.