Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kiwi Verifications

Radio Sport, Blenheim NZ 1539 is my 2nd South Island verie, with the arrival of an email from the GM on Apr 23.

Newstalk ZB, Ohaeawai (Northland) NZ 1215 was a station I only heard briefly, on Oct 17. This station is listed as located in Kaikohe but according to the GM the transmitter is located in Ohaeawai which is east of Kaikohe closer to the Bay of Islands.

Newstalk ZB, Nelson NZ 1341 is my first confirmed NZ from the South Island. Heard Oct 16 - Nelson is the fishing capital of NZ.

Radio Sport, Kapiti Coast NZ 1377
was heard a few times in mid-October. Friendly email received on Apr 17.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recent Verifications

KSOP South Salt Lake UT 1370 is a very rare station but came up with a brief "Gold Country AM 1370" ID on Oct 16, 2007 when KXTL was in a fade. Brief but friendly email on Apr 17. Heard on an SDR-IQ. My 18th Utah verie of 19 reported.

WPTX Lexington Park MD 1690 has been a frequent guest here. Swift and brief email received on Apr 16. Heard on an IC-746Pro.

WDWS Champaign IL 1400 is a logging from Oct 2004 but most welcome verie received on Apr 12. Heard on an IC-746Pro.

KHOW Denver CO 630 had a most surprising visit on Feb 26. Email with a WordPerfect attachment from their CE on Apr 11. Heard on my Perseus SDR. My 20th Colorado verie.

XETRA W Radio 690 Tijuana BC is heard every now and then, "then" being Oct 10, 2007 when they dominated over Vancouver on the top of the hour. Brief email confirmation received Apr 9.

KALL North Salt Lake City UT 700 was finally heard with a positive ID amidst Loran C noise on Feb 26 with the Perseus SDR. Brief email Apr 9 confirmed my reception.

WCCW Traverse City MI 1310 sent an email with a Word attachment today to confirm my Nov 3, 2007 reception. I have been chasing WCCW for quite some time, but with little luck as 1310 houses several dominant stations - such as CHLW, CIWW, WDTW and KNOX. Another SDR-IQ log.

AFN Misawa, Japan 1575 had occasionally good signals with local programming on Oct 15, 2007. Friendly email today with the promise of "something more official" later on. Thanks Phil Hunsberger for kind assistance with getting to the station. Usually, Thailand kills everything on 1575, but this was quite early (1000 UTC) which is too early for Thailand. Heard on SDR-IQ.

KBIS Forks WA 1490 had a fair signal once on Oct 14 2007; until then I had only heard them once, and very weak at that. OJS spent a couple of minutes finding what I had spent weeks on not finding - a valid email address - and a friendly response came overnight. Heard on SDR-IQ.

Forks is in the Northwestern Washington rain forest, where it rains 300 days a year. Sounds like Bergen to me. But then they're both on the west coast.... Receiver was SDR-IQ.

WIZZ Greenfield MA 1520 was heard as long back as 2004, when they surfaced amidst heavy attacks from WWKB and Mayak in nearby Zapolnyarny (1521). Friendly response as I was preparing breakfast. Thanks to OJS for contact info. Heard on an Icom IC-746Pro.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recent Verifications

KWEI Weiser ID 1260 confirmed a tentative reception from Dec 27 on April 3. Their ID was less than obvious to me but Arnstein Bue and Henrik Klemetz put me on the right track and Tuomo Ahonen kindly submitted the correct contact info. I've been chasing KWEI for quite a while but has proved difficult to ID.
WCRN Worcester MA 830 was a first one for me on Oct 15; friendly response on April 3. Thanks Arild for contact info.
KMPC Los Angeles CA 1540 was another of my Feb 26 loggings. Korean programming but a full English ID on top of the hour just as KXEL was fading a bit. KMPC's towers were rebuilt in 2005 which may at least in part be the reason why KMPC is less rare now than it used to be. Received March 28.
KGHF Pueblo CO 1350 was heard quite well on Feb 26, but their CE remarked that they were only running 300 watts nights at that time!
KUTR Salt Lake City UT 820 finally made a good appearance on Feb 27. Swift email response on March 27.
CJRJ Victoria BC 1200 has been a very dominant station after they started transmissions late 2006. I finally came around to send a report after I found a nice ID on Feb 26. Their Manager says all their distant listeners so far have come from Finland, Norway and Sweden.
KSZN Gresham OR 1230 was up briefly on my Perseus on Feb 26 with a "Gresham - Portland 1230 AM ESPN Deportes Radio" at 0900. New log for me; confirmed with a brief email March 24. Thanks Olito for helping with the ID.