Thursday, November 29, 2007

KITZ Silverdale WA 1400 Verification

I heard KITZ in October 2005 at fairly good strength doing a dual-station full-hour ID (KITZ and 920 KGTK). A friendly and detailed email from GM Conn Williamson last night confirmed my reception and I even got an MP3 audio clip in return for the one I sent...but in much better quality!

KITZ transmits from Kitsap County Fairgrounds, adjacent to the new Baseball Stadium, and has done so since 1986. After running AdCon and Modern Country the first years, KITZ shifted to talk programming in 2000. This according to their website

KITZ is my 50th Washington state verie, and my 20th verie on 1400.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

KBAR Burley ID 1230 Verification

KBAR was up on two consecutive full-hours one day in October 2006. It took a while for me to receive a verie though, but this evening it came in the form of an email from Scott Cameron.

Three Idaho veries in one evening. I am beginning to like this.

KFAR Fairbanks AK 650 Verification

Some stations respond quickly. Some take time. KFAR took 33 years... Admittedly I haven't drowned their mail boxes or email boxes with reports over that period, but quite a few reports have been sent. Today PD Steve Floyd responded to a report with an excellent quality recording. So KFAR came home at last.

KRXK Rexburg ID 1230, KSEI Pocatello ID 930 Verifications

These are co-owned, and at least this autumn seemed to run parallel programming as the KSEI legal ID included KRXK. KSEI was heard on October 16 (as earlier stated; a great day for DX) while KRXK dates back to January 6, 2006. Email from GM Bill Fuerst of Pacific Empire Radio Corp. confirmed my reports today. Later I also received an email from Sean Green. Both stations are new for me. KRXK was heard on an Icom 746Pro while KSEI made its way with the help of the IC-703.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WSM Nashville TN 650 Verification

WSM doesn't often put a decent signal in my direction, but on October 16 they did. My Icom IC-703 picked up a very nice ID at 0030 UTC, and WSM Promotions Director Misty Cochran replied to my report within minutes, promising a commemorative QSL card as well. I can like that!

Friday, November 23, 2007

WDCD New York NY 1540 Verification

By no means an uncommon station, although CHIN and KXEL are much more dominant here, but I sort of never got round to make efforts to verify WDCD. An excellent full-hour ID recorded to the SDR-IQ on October 13 just couldn't be archieved without trying though, and today PD Peter Kaye confirmed my report.

KMVI Wailuku HI 550 Verification

KMVI is heard when Hawaii-conditions are ok, but usually KZTN Anchorage is much stronger. Being ESPN (like KZTN) with few local ann's doesn't make it easier to get a good local ID from KMVI. However on October 15 the Alaskan was unusually modest and allowed KMVI to dominate a while with a good full-hour ID. PD Fred Guzman confirmed my reception this morning. A most welcome verie, and Hawaiian AM no 28 of 28 reported. Of existing AMs I only lack 790 now. Heard on one my Icom 746Pros.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

KOAC Corvallis OR 550 Verificaton

I heard KOAC for the first time several years ago, but they wouldn't respond to my reports at the time. This autumn it appears that KOAC has got a more consistent signal across the Pole (and maybe within their coverage area too) as they've been quite a regular on 550. VP of Engineering Don McKay kindly confirmed my October 16 reception today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WKTY La Crosse WI 580 Verification

Email from Scott Robert Shaw, WKTY's Program Director, confirmed my October 16 reception of WKTY. I only heard it a few seconds, though enough for an identification. WKTY is co-owned with WIZM 1410, a much more commonly heard station than WKTY although the latter has been heard a few times this autumn. Receiver: Icom IC-746Pro.

My KONG17 Loggings - First Preliminary

After having checked perhaps 95% of my "normal" receivers recordings, and perhaps 1.5% of my SDR-IQ recordings, I guess time has come to put up a list. Station names in bold denote a new logging for me. The Date format is Times are UTC. Lots of NZ loggings still missing, but they are mostly on the SDR-IQs. In coming preliminaries, additions to the log will be marked as "New" in the rightmost column. Click here to read my first preliminary log. Many, if not most of the most usual stations are not included. Such as CKYL-610, CJCA-930, KOMO-1000 etc. etc. Also goes for the most common Japanese, like JOLF-1242, JOWF-1440 etc.

Monday, November 19, 2007

KNSA Unalakleet AK 930 Verification

KNSA tends to be very dominating with their KDLG programming especially from local noon and into the afternoon. A report several years ago had been left unattended, but on October 20 I recorded KNSA mixed with the other channel dominant CJCA Edmonton AB. Quick reply from KDLG GM/PD Nathan Grambau this evening confirmed my reception. Receiver: Icom IC-703.

KINY Juneau AK 800 Verification

KINY had good signals on several occasions during KONG17, and one of the full-hour IDs was sent to PD Jim Morgan today. He responded very quickly. In fact he has a map on his wall where reports are plotted! Receiver: Icom IC-746Pro.

WAUB Auburn NY 1590 Verification

This one came as a surprise since conditions were quite on the "dull" side on October 13 - again one has to expect the unexpected. Weak on top of the hour but a relatively clear ID mixed with WTVB Coldwater MI. Very quick email response from Managing Partner Alan Bishop today. A new station for me, and my second Finger Lakes Network station (WFLR-1570 heard a few years ago). WTVB is not new but I haven't heard them for at least three years. Receiver: RF Space SDR-IQ.

Friday, November 16, 2007

KUGN Eugene OR 590 Verification

KUGN was heard on at least three occasions during KONG17 - I heard them on Oct 21 when conditions weren't very good. KHAR Anchorage was unusally weak this morning though, so KUGN could dominate a few minutes. General Sales Manager Liz Halley confirmed my reception with a most friendly email this morning. KUGN is new for me, heard on an IC-746Pro.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

KELP El Paso TX 1590 Verification

Heard on Oct 17, it all started as an unidentified jingle on top of the hour way below KLFE's excellent signal. Unable to resolve the jingle I posted it on the RealDX reflector where help was imminent thanks to Torolf Johnsson's suggestion that I had heard "El Paso's Christian Station, KELP". I checked with KELP's webcast, and their full hour id was identical. Email from PD Jay Gilliland this morning confirmed my reception. Very satisfied with this one! Heard on Icom IC-746Pro

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today's Verifications

CHQB Powell River BC 1280 was heard with a nice signal on Oct 24, and confirmed my reception today. They have received the OK for going FM and leaving AM, but "we are still AM for sometime yet" according to their reply. Thanks Christer Koivuranta for the email address.

Radio Live, Tauranga NZ 1107 had a superb signal on Oct 16! Email from Richie Fullard this evening confirmed my reception of Radio Live.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Recent Verifications

Veries over the last 24 hours:

Newstalk ZB, Paengaroa/Mauranga 1008 email from Bryan Barclay yesterday evening. This one is listed as located at Mauranga but the actual transmitter site is at Paengaroa according to Bryan. Around 30 km to the SE. Heard October 16.

KRLD Dallas TX 1080 email from Erik Disen, Director of Engineering this afternoon. Actually my first reception of KRLD. Mixing with KKFX Portland OR. Heard October 17.

KVOK Kodiak AK 560 another new one for me, heard October 15. Long and friendly email from Ellen Simeonoff who advised me to check out the website Interestingly enough I found that they have a King Crab Festival there, see There is King Crab Festival in this area too, see (site available in Finnish and English too).

Friday, November 09, 2007

KLIN Lincoln NE 1400 Verification

Email from Mark Halvorson at KLIN this afternoon confirmed my reception of "Lincoln's News And Talk, 1400 KLIN Lincoln" on Oct 23, 2006. It turned out that Mark had already sent a verification, however it never reached me. That's email: Fast? Yes. Cheap? Yes. Reliable? Uhm...!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

CKIM Baie Verte NL 1240 Verification

A very common station down south (of Norway that is); I believe I've heard it only twice here. And very weak too! Once again, Richard King confirmed my reception of another VOCM station. I think I have them all now.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

KSRA Salmon ID 960 Verification

CFAC's 50kW makes it difficult for other stations in the same region to get their signal through, but now and then they succeed. Such as tiny KSRA which was heard for half an hour with a fair signal and C&W music on October 16 - btw a good day for NA DX in Kongsfjord. A friendly reponse by Office Manager Shirley Sullivan today confirmed my reception.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

KLCK Goldendale WA 1400 Verification

I heard KLCK with Oldies format on October 24, with quite a good signal at 1200 when KART Jerome ID was starting to get weaker. A first for me, although KLCK is among the more frequently heard northwestern stations on 1400.
Long and friendly email from Kevin Malcolm yesterday rating my recording as "clearer than most". Kevin is a DX-er himself. A few hours later I also received a confirmation from his brother Cole.

Finally a touch of winter here the past couple of days. -1C this Saturday morning, expected down to -4 today and tomorrow but no percipitation or strong winds. Going to Kongsfjord for the remainder of the weekend. Icy roads... We had gale force winds from the north yesterday and the sea was exceptionally rough!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Logs From October 24

I decided to check out SDR-IQ recordings from October 24 before I started working seriously on my KONG17 logs. I had my receiver covering 580-770 and 1230-1410 kHz respectively, and they ran from before 0700 until after 1200 UTC. Conditions turned out to be more interesting than I had thought. At first very wide, later concentrating on the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. Six new ones for me, including KVOL-1330 (QSL info posted below).

I've tried to put log tables on the blog before, with modest success as it seems that does not display tables very well whether they come from word processors or spreadsheets. So I've decided to use Google Docs, which means that when you click the link, you will be redirected to a look-only version of a spreadsheet. Initial tries indicate that this should work well.

All ID'ed stations are listed (so the list is quite long, with many stations of little interest). Some frequencies were not checked out much, like 670, 680, 770 and others.

It is interesting to note however, that at a different location in Northern Norway (Andøya), the AND1 crew were having great signals from the New England states while westerly located stations dominated here.

Click here to go to the October 24 logs.