Friday, October 20, 2006

KONG15 Update - Friday 20 Oct

So we didn't hear Aussies yesterday?? Indeed we did! Several of the Queensland stations returned during the afternoon; 4QN 630 impressed us with not only armchair listening levels (and better than 4QD-1548), but it blew away NRK Vigra for long periods!! I switched to an ALA100 amplified loop (circumference 22 meters) and the signal was outstanding on it as well even if the loop was some 40 degrees "wrong" compared to 4QN's bearing. Not much else though, so the day was less fruitful than the day before. Not that we're complaining...

Waiting for the stream from the Coronal Hole we sat out to DX around midnight, but nothing much happened to the ionosphere so we had a good night's DX . Excellent signal levels, especially on X-band, but the usual dominants were unusually dominant (if you catch the meaning), so the number of "rare" stations was low. KSJB-ND 600 and WMT-IA 610 were heard though. Around 0900 UTC we started to hear a few Pacific stations like V7AB-1098 and some of the Fiji frequencies.

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