Tuesday, October 10, 2006

KONG14 Update II - Tuesday 10 Oct

The good conditions returned. At around 7 UTC to 11 we enjoyed good signals from the western part of North America. Nice id's from stations like KPUG and KJOC 1170, KMAX 840, KPRZ again on 1210, and the graveyeard frequencies were swarming with life - unfortunately most of them familiar to us, like KKEE-1230, KEJO-1240 and KONP-1450. Later on Alaska and Hawaii had good signals, nice ID from KQNG 570 and we believe that KMVI-550 was there as well. Interesting UNID Spanish-speaking station on 1260, mixed with CFRN and (presumed) KPOW.

And, as we write this, Fiji 1152 is at full strength!

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