Saturday, May 11, 2024

SDRPlay RSPdx-R2 SDR Released

SDRPlay yesterday announced an improved version of the RSPdx, the RSPdx-R2, with further design improvements for use below 2 MHz.

I measured sensitivity levels (as I usually do), and I can confirm that sensitivity is improved quite a bit especially in the LF ranges. On 1000 kHz the difference is only a dB vs. the RSPdx, but when I measured on 500 kHz the difference was a full 6 dB, measuring -104 dBm (10 dB S/N for a 400 Hz signal modulated 30 % at 6 kHz bandwidth). HDR mode was used during measurements.

On 1000 and 1500 kHz, sensitivity levels were -102 and -101 dBm respectively. On 200 kHz I measured -101 dBm which is a lot better than for instance the RSP1A.

My sensitivity measurements document has been updated and listed under "Some DX-related Stuff...." on the right-hand column, and downloadable here.

Physically, the RSPdx-R2 doesn't differ from the original RSPdx. It's listed at USD 235, less than 10 % over the RSPdx price.