Friday, October 13, 2006

KONG15 Underway!

Despite poor conditions due to the current coronal hole, the KONG15 crew are set and ready. Participants are TJ Braatveit, Arnstein Bue, OJ Sagdahl and Bjarne Mjelde. A quick (well, not so quick really) receiver count revealed the following 21 receivers:
4 x Icom R75
3 x JRC NRD-525
3 x Eton E1
2 x Icom IC-746Pro
1 x AOR AR7030+
1 x WJ HF-1000A
1 x R&S EK-895
1 x WJ 8712P
1 x Icom IC-703
1 x Icom IC-7000

Recording media: Mostly Sony Hi-MD recorders, some iRiver flash and HDD MP3 recorders, PC via TotalRecorder.

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