Monday, April 12, 2010

WOC Davenport IA 1420 Photos

WOC is a very common guest, especially in northern Scandinavia, but they've been heard in large parts of Europe this season. It's many years since I received a verification from the station. Yesterday, veteran engineer Jon Book at WOC emailed me some photos from the station, including one KMXG-FM tower photo. Breathtaking! All pictures are (c) Jon Book.

Jon also contributes to Captain Ernie's Showboat, a treasure vault of radio history from the Quad Cities.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Winradio Excalibur Soon Out?

According to the latest info I've received from Winradio, production has now started and they are awaiting CE certification.

Interestingly enough, the preliminary spec sheet has been revised. Minimum selectivity is now 10 Hz instead of 50, the resolution bandwidth within a DDC spectrum is now 1 Hz and not 15, and most important for me, sensitivity figures have been upgraded from a mediocre -94 dBm to a more acceptable -101 dBm (AM, 30 % modulation).

"It will be on sale shortly", Winradio claims.

Its GUI has been slightly changed too, as can be seen on the pictures above. Above is the January version of the GUI, below is the current one. Not bad at all. The displays are fully zoomable and the DDC can be displayed in a separate window.