Sunday, October 22, 2006

KONG15 - OJ Has Left The Building

And then they were three... OJ took the 1335 plane from Berlevåg back home to Trondheim, due home 1830 (both local time). Arnstein, Tore Johnny and Bjarne will stay until Wednesday when another crew arrives.

Not much to brag about this time - a small opening to the North American west coast this afternoon, some Philippinos later on, not much Japan. The effects of the Coronal Hole is supposed to wane over the next hours and days, so perhaps we're up and running again on Monday. There is a chance of a C-class flare from Sunspot region 10917 though; hopefully it will stay calm (see Solar Terrestrial Activity Report for details).

We have received some emails giving us feedback on the web logs on and We appreciate this very much, and we see from the increased number of pageloads that there is considerable interest in the DX community in what we hear (and eat???). We hope that the ionosphere allows us to continue to bring interesting reports out.

Weather: Temperatures around 0C, calm but quite a bit of snow is falling.

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