Friday, October 20, 2006

KONG15 Update II - Friday 20 Oct

Well, well, well... or Jau, jau, jau as OJ would say. The equation Ionospheric disturbance = Poor conditions does not necessarily add up. As the high speed stream from Coronal Hole 244 increased in density and speed, we experienced another superb afternoon with reception from the Pacific.

Most of the Fiji frequencies were in the clear with excellent levels, and we made further progress in our efforts to log New Zealand. Several frequencies were heard, some work is required to confirm the status for some of them, but in addition to the previous heard stations there were new logs of Newstalk ZB on 1296 and 1503 kHz (the latter possibly Radio Sport, Wellington, with overnight relay?), and 1YA National Radio, Auckland 756. All three Guam stations (567, 612, 801) were heard; 567 and 801 stunning signals. Australia was rather modest though. I was away in Berlevåg most of the day so I missed most of the fun but did get 1296 and 756 when I returned.

A good part of the evening was spent at Kongsfjord Gjestehus where OJ and Arnstein enjoyed "Probably the best lutefisk in the world" while TJ and Bjarne chose a more traditional lamb's steak after we had made our own hors d'æuvre from Parma Ham.

Weather: Cold! Gale force winds at night as I write this, -8C. Milder tomorrow they say, I hope so because the cellar with the water tank and pump is only 1C now and below zero could damage the pump.

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