Saturday, November 10, 2018

QSL: CHNL Kamloops BC, 610

October 24 was a fine day for DX, and with the 1000-metre Mount Loran antenna in action, we were able to grab a few nice ones. "Radio NL, AM 610" had a fair signal, and I received a friendly as always response from their CE yesterday. From before, I have CINL-1340 and CJNL-1230 confirmed.  CJNL was noted a couple of days later with good signal levels. Canada verie # 225.

610 was quite productive that day, with KDAL-MN, KVNU-UT, KNML-NM and KONA-WA (new for me) heard the same morning.

Friday, November 09, 2018

QSL: Most Wanted CKWW Windsor ON, 580

This 500-watt Oldies station has been on my most wanted list for many years. 50-kW CFRA is likely the main reason why I haven't heard it before. I guess I could have heard it earlier with a little perseverance, but anyway, during the excellent opening on October 24 it was alone on 580 with a weak, albeit clear signal. Friendly response yesterday.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

QSL: KTIC West Point NE 840

We missed the really spectacular daytimer openings at the KONG37 DX-pedition, but we did hear a few stations, daytimers or those who power down at sunset. KTIC was visible on the spectrum for maybe 30 minutes, and with audio some 10 minutes before closing down at 6.45 pm CDT, or 23:45 UTC. You can see the signal on the overnight spectrum below, together with the signals from WHAS and CFCW.

The Director of Engineering at Nebraska Rural Radio Assn. is a very DX-friendly guy, and emailed me a "proper" QSL after a few days. I have previously had confirmations from KRVN Lexington 870, KNEB Scottsbluff 960, and KAMI Cozad 1580.

I have reduced a lot on reception reports - if it is temporarily or not remains to be seen - but I had to get this one. Recently, NRRA has aquired KAWL 1370, so I probably need to get that one as well.