Saturday, October 21, 2006

KONG15 Update - Saturday 21 Oct

In defiance of the Coronal Hole, stations from North America popped up very early last night - WDEA-ME 1370 at 2200 UTC. Excellent signal strengths from around 2330 to 0030, mostly easterly stations. Then the signals became weaker, but we had reception more or less throughout the night and morning - nothing exceptional though.

Asia/Pacific DX was less inspiring than the previous days, still we enjoyed 4QD-1548 with excellent signal levels, and 4QN-630 was there as well. We think we may have AFN Korea on 1440 and AFN Japan 1575. Typical for the disturbance, the lighthouse JOWF-1440 was soon replaced with CNR from Nei Menggu.

Some India during the afternoon. But we were more focused on the reindeer sirloin dinner we prepared. As of writing, it is about to be served. Some really, REALLY hefty cheeses are for dessert. And vintage Port wine of course, and the world's best Grappa (with a copper grounding lead). Expect no more updates until the effects of all this have left the body.

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