Saturday, October 07, 2006

KONG14 Update - Saturday 7 Oct

Another night and morning with very wide-spread conditions. Started at around 23 UTC with the common East Coast stations - throughout the night most of the Americas was audible on the same antenna. Venezuela-920 and a mix of CHAM, WBAP and KGNW simultaneously on 820. Signals began to fade after 7 UTC and as of writing, 9 UTC, only the strongest West Coast stations + some Alaska is audible. Some of the antennas pick up more noise than others - we don't know yet if the problem is internal or external. Hoping for some good signals from Asia and the Pacific later on!

Weather-wise it's a bit windy, partly cloudy and day temps around 5C, night temps just above zero.

P.S. We're having King Crab tonight...

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