Sunday, October 08, 2006

KONG14 Update II - Sunday 8 Oct

What a strange DX day. Conditions really turned worse during the morning and well beyond noon. Even the Japanese powerhouses like JOLF-1242 and JOIF-1413 were either absent or weak. Then all of a sudden things are turned upside down. Not only were the Asians back to thir usual strength, but prior to 15 UTC several Fiji Islands frequencies came up with excellent signals. 810 and 684 were particularly strong.

At 15 I had placed one of the receivers on 855 more or less by chance. Imagine my surprise when this full-hour id came: "This is Local Radio Queensland"... Apparently the 10 kW Eidsvold transmitter. Don't think it's heard in Europe before. At the same time The Cornerstone was heard from Saipan on 1080.

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