Monday, October 09, 2006

KONG14 Update - Monday 9 Oct

A very good night. Although conditions were wide-spread as previous days, signal strengths were much better. It started off around 2300 UTC and lasted until around 0600 when signal levels started to wane. Good catches include KBOW Butte MT 550, WIND Chicago IL 560, WKBN Youngstown OH 570, WNAX Yankton SD 570, KPRZ San Marcos CA 1210.

Several frequencies were monitored more or less overnight, like 1240 and 1230, so there are likely quite a few surprises in hand for us.

This recovery from the disturbance was surprisingly quick and may indicate that we have more interesting days and nights ahead.

Overcast with moderate winds and 4C. Snow on the mountain peaks (which are like, uhmm...400 meters?)

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