Tuesday, October 24, 2006

KONG15 Update - Tuesday 24 Oct

Partly good conditions Monday afternoon; KMED-OR 1440, KGOE-CA 1480, and KUBA-CA and KGST-CA on 1600. Good signals during the NHK2 ID at 1320.

The night wasn't exciting at all. I spent quite a bit of time on 1480, listening to WHBC-OH which had a good signal for more than an hour. They have a very nice Oldies format which brought back many memories...

As twilight came, and passed into daylight conditions changed, for a period we heard just about everything from everywhere; from Newfoundland to Washington to Alaska, to Venezuela/Colombia and possibly Argentina too, on the same antenna. Later on the southern US states and Mexico came through well, such as KKOH-NV 780, XESJ-Saltillo 1250 and one "Radio Uno, 640" suggesting either XEHHI or XEYQ.

At around 0730 most signals faded away, but we expect conditions to improve shortly.

Weather: Cold, calm and clear, -6C. The Aurora was well visible last night, but at these latitudes there is a trace of Aurora even on the quietest of solar conditions.

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