Thursday, October 19, 2006

KONG15 Update II - Thursday 19 Oct

Another highlight! Although there weren't many stations of interest from North America the past few hours, we did get a good opening towards New Zealand! The most common Kiwi, Newstalk ZD Wellington 1035, was first heard at around 1200 UTC, becoming stronger by the minute and occasionally armchair listening! Newstalk ZD also heard on 1080, and Radio Tarana 1386. Most surprising though was 2YB Access Radio, Wellington 783! Heard with BBC World News at 1230, continuing with BBC stuff up until 1300. I checked their Internet stream and could confirm that it was the same station. ID at top of the hour.

No sign of Aussies but a lot of Hawaii at the time of writing. We are waiting for the high speed stream of Coronal Hole 244 to arrive within a few hours; it will probably kill the good conditions for a few days.

I took the time to go outdoor to take a couple of pictures. The first one shows the signal path to the Pacific - you can see the wire of the 30-degree beverage. The other one goes southwest, showing the sunset light at 3.40 pm - at this time of the year the length of the day is only 8 hours. As you see from the footprints in the snow, I was the first one out...

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