Tuesday, July 18, 2023

FM Loggings July 17 - Aurora

An aurora opening with refracted, distorted signals occurred around 19:30Z, only audible on the antenna pointing NW. As usual, only stations from mid- and northern Sweden and Finland were heard, typically 400 to 600 km away. Those positively identified (no RDS) are shown below.

K indices at the time were around 5, and the auroral oval was quite strong over the area, as shown below. Later on, the proton flux went through the roof.

 A bit later a couple of stations from Iceland showed up through normal Es propagation.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

FM Loggings July 11, 2023

Relatively early opening this day for about an hour from 07:30Z, starting off in Russia with several  Nizhniy Novgorod stations. After a pause, conditions changed towards the eastern (and mostly Russian-speaking) part of Latvia, before shifting back towards Ivanovo and Cherepovets in Russia. Nothing else noted that day. 1350 to 1750 km Es.