Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Verifications

WLNO New Orleans LA 1060
YVNE Radio Uno, Caracas 1340
KDUN Reedsport OR 1030
WQEW New York City NY 1560
WEPN New York City NY 1050 (both NY: Thanks OJS)
WCCY Houghton MI 1400
CKHJ Frederickton NB 1260
CBKF2 Gravelbourg SK 690
CJWI Montreal QC 1410
KGOW Bellaire TX 1560 (thanks Arild S)
KBBS Buffalo WY 1450, see QSL here, and this news story

Saturday, February 22, 2014

KILI1 Master Log & RF Recordings Ready For Download

The RF recordings are available from this location. Download the files you want to check (mouse right-click, then "save as...". Do not left-click to open the file. It will likely start to play back in your favourite playback software, and that won't work.

The first files were two-minute recordings. We later increased to four minutes, partly because the PC clock was 30 seconds wrong (the typical TOH will appear around 30 seconds later), and partly because many stations do not ID at the exact hour.

The Master Log is a Google spreadsheet. Anyone with the link is given access to edit the log, and we encourage everyone to edit this specific log so everyone interested can see what's been found. We haven't done much work trying to identify all stations, so there should be lots of challenges even if many stations are already identified.

Five locations were used for the RF recordings:
1. Arusha (more specifically Moivaro Lodge, in the eastern outskirts of the city). Altitude 1400 masl.
2. Shira 1 camp, altitude 3505 masl.
3. Shira 2 camp, altitude 3950 masl.
4. Buffalo camp, altitude 4150 masl
5. Third Cave camp, altitude 3950 masl

Unfortunately we were unable to set up the equipment for Zanzibar recordings. Any problems regarding the RF files or Master Log, please email me or use the Comments section.
Me in the tent, checking a recording made with the SDR-IQ on OJ's Sony Vaio

Monday, February 17, 2014

The KILI1 Team is Back!

Well, we have been for a while actually...

We did collect SDR recordings from most of the camps we were in, and with some interesting results. Unfortunately, we were unable to do recordings from Zanzibar. We are presently reviewing the recordings for a master log to be published shortly. Following this, all SDR recordings will be made publicly available, and there will be lots of stuff waiting to be ID'ed by trained ears. We did in fact log four continents (from what we know now) with our short (25 meter) dipole and SDR-IQ.

Interestingly enough, FM reception on Kilimanjaro was excellent. Any time we did an FM scan on the Tecsun PL-380, 35 to 40 signals were found, most of them from Kenya. In contrast, in Zanzibar we only found four FM stations.

Below is Kilimanjaro as it appears from 4650 masl. A mighty mountain...