Monday, February 25, 2019

QSL: WION Ionia MI 1430

I noted in a Facebook post last week that the Chief Engineer at WION would be running equipment tests on daytime power after Midnight EST on Sunday. Testing included a 1000 Hz tone at different levels and lengths.

So! Propagation was good, and from 05:35Z onwards I noted the 1000 Hz tone as it was switched on an off, and at low and high levels. The details were sent off together with a video link to the station. Today, the CE emailed a confirmation of my reception.

I heard and recorded the station with Perseus and Jaguar software, but used HDSDR to get a better view of the 1000 Hz tone. The illustration below shows the tone at peak levels right after being switched  on.

Please note: This was NOT a DX Test, hence not widely announced.

Verie #20 from North America on 1430.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

QSL: KPHI Honolulu HI 1130

Several years ago, KPHI was heard with a decent signal at my Kongsfjord location. No replies though. A recent response to Patrik Willför prompted me to send another report to the station, which replied within hours. Thanks PW for v/s info! They are listed at 1 kW, but current power level is 800 watts.

31 out of 31 heard Hawaii stations now confirmed.