Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Season Underway!

Got the first beverage up and going this afternoon, 450 meters at 58 degrees. Very auroral conditions so nothing exciting to hear although I had hoped to hear the first Aussie of the season. I am glad to see that the SDR-IQs live well with the long beverage, and the Loran C notch filter works fine. Still too light at night for any serious DX towards the Americas.

Hoping to have one or two more beverages up during the coming week. Yesterday saw a verification from WIND Chicago IL 560, truly a rare catch.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anyone Looking For An Icom IC-7000?

With the two RF Space SDR-IQs up and running, I've decided to downscale my "ordinary" receiver shack. So if anyone's interested... This is the European version, with the 8 kHz tone removed and TV enabled by Swedish Radio Supply. Looks as new, transmitter never been used. Presently for auction on QXL.no. Unfortunately, due to the unfavourable exchange rate, North Americans may not find my price very attractive.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Radio Eldorado Reception On CVC Sua Voz

As per email from Brazilian DX-er Ulysses Galetti, CVC Sua Voz will air a feature on my reception of Radio Eldorado, Sao Paulo, 700 kHz, on the following dates:
Aug 3 at 1530 UTC on 15410 kHz
Aug 4 at 1100 UTC on 15410 kHz
Aug 5 at 0200 UTC on 11745 kHz
Aug 6 at 0000 UTC on 11745 kHz
Or, if you are unable to hear these frequencies, you can download a four-minute MP3 here.

The presentation is in Portuguese.