Thursday, October 19, 2006

KONG15 Update - Thursday 19 Oct

High hopes for the night after the excellent conditions we experienced for parts of the previous 24 hours....duh. Very little excitement until morning when we began to hear a few rare stations. Broad areas were audible; CFAV-QU dominated 1570 at the same time as KGAL-OR dominated 1580. A couple of nice stations we heard were KVOC-WY 1230 and rather surprisingly KCBS-CA 740. Their night pattern is very unfavourable for us.

We thought we might have a signal from KNBR-CA 680 under KBRW-AK as well. KBRW on the other side reported of another missing dog, this time a Pitbull/German Shepherd dog answering to "Strike For Me". Maybe it's the half-brother of the previous missing Rottweiler/German Shepherd "Stay Home"? If I was a Poodle owner in Barrow, I'd name it "Soon Dead".

Weather: Light winds from the north, occasional snowshowers (making RF noise) and -2C. A thin layer of snow has covered the ground.

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