Sunday, February 10, 2013

So You Thought You Could Run A Perseus With Windows 8

...but you're not allowed to? The problem is with the driver, as Microsoft has added security levels regarding unsigned drivers. This was not a problem in MS Vista and MS Windows 7. However, Windows 8 won't let you get away quite that easy.

I built a Windows 8-64 Pro system  a few weeks ago. Prior to that, there had been both questions and solutions in the Perseus Yahoo reflector about how to install the Perseus driver in Windows 8. The answers basically pointed to a solution you will find here. It's a description on how to disable and bypass driver signature enforcement i Windows 8.

The routine is quite straightforward although it involves quite a few steps. You will not be able to convince anyone that you installed a malicious driver "by accident" if you've done this. After restarting the PC in a mode that will happily install any unsigned driver, you're ready to install the PerseusWinUSBDriver. It is available as a zipped folder here. Follow the instructions included in the folder when you install.

A less cumbersome method might be that the driver got a Microsoft signature. I don't know if that is going to happen or not, but I had no intention of waiting any longer.

My Perseus is now running happily in my Windows 8 environment.

Monday, February 04, 2013

February 2013 Verifications

(Stations added at the top)

KRDM Redmond OR 1240
KTBZ Tulsa OK 1430
CIOR Princeton BC 1400
KQAQ Austin MN 970
KJRG Newton KS 950
WLFN La Crosse WI 1490
WOSH Oshkosh WI 1490
WGIV Pineville NC 1370
KTIL Tillamook OR 1590 ("Your signal is the strongest I've heard so far!")
KPAM Troutdale OR 860
KLMS Lincoln NE 1480
KYNO Fresno CA 940
KFLD Klamath Falls OR 1450
KIIX Ft. Collins CO 1410
WJSM St. Joseph MI 1400
WWLS Moore OK 640 (now KWPN)
WTUX Madison WI 1550 (now WHIT)
WJMC Rice Lake WI 1240
WCSZ Sans Souci SC 1070
KOLM Rochester MN 1520
KAUS Austin MN 1480
KBRV Soda Springs ID 800, check their DX logs here!
KEYL Long Prairie MN 1400
KNEB Scottsbluff NE 960
KAGO Klamath Falls OR 1150
KWIX Moberley MO 1230
KJCR Billings MT 1240
KSJX San Jose CA 1500
WHJJ Providence RI 920
WDLX Washington NC 930
WGHB Farmville NC 1250

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Log Update

My online log has been updated as per March 20, 2013 (NA-section only). It is found here, or on the link to the right.