Saturday, October 22, 2022

KONG45 - Day Two

Crisis! The King Crab is out of control! Well, sort of. The ferry with the valuable cargo didn't call at Berlevåg harbour on Friday due to weather, so the crab is still on-board - and the weather outlook isn't exactly promising. We do have an alternative port so working on arrangements to pick up the crab there. Arctic logistics in a nutshell.

Yesterday evening at 23:00Z brought some interesting daytime signals mostly from Michigan, such as  WKAR East Lansing 870, WDEO Ypsilanti 990, WCXI Fenton 1160 (with a monster signal!), WMKT Charlevoix  1270 (ditto), WWCK Flint 1570 and WGBW Denmark WI 1590. All heard before.

Troughout the night and morning the loggings followed the usual pattern - wandering from mid-west to west until ending up at Hawaii. KUAU-HI 1570 was still audible after 14:00Z - after our local sunset.

The graveyard channels were surprisingly open, but mostly with the stations we usually hear. Worthy of mention are KJOP Lemoore CA 1240, and KZTQ Reno NV 1230 because it's a personal first. Other loggins include WBBF Buffalo NY 1120, and WJCW Warsaw NY 1140 from the Mount Loran evening opening.

Dinner! For starters, Bruschetta, then fried salmon with pasta & pesto and bacon, and assorted cheese for dessert. During the main course we tested two different vintages of the Sancerre white wine 2016 and 2020. The result was....meh. The Dos Cortados sherry with the cheeses was rather disappointing, so we ended up with a much better Muscat de Beaumes-de Venice. You live and learn... And as usual, the Grappa made the day. Weather: Windy at first, then calm and mostly dry with 2-3 degrees C. And that's the weather from the KONG weather center :-)  Below a few pictures from today.

Facing west

KONG HQ close-up

Bird Island

Neighbours, including the guest house

KONG HQ - wide angle


TKDX said...

Hi there;
Nice to read again whats happening up there!
73,Tarmo Espoo/Kungsböle(rem)

Walt Salmaniw said...

Always great to read your culinary delights! Nothing ever like that in Masset, but Nick Hall-Patch and I are managing. Seafood casserole tonight with baked potatoes and tea. Will have to do. Spent the day finalizing the remote set-up until I return after Christmas. DX today was pretty dismal, but am having fun with the HAARP experiments on 3.2, and now 9.6 MHz from Gakona, AK.