Saturday, October 29, 2022

KONG45 Day Nine - A Good DX Day!

Finally some action! 

Overnight propagation to North America varied quite a bit, allowing for several loggings where the dominants were gone, or weaker than usual. Here are a few:

  • 920 KSHO Lebanon OR
  • 1080 KFXX Portland OR
  • 1300 KLER Orofino ID
  • 1310 KYUL Scott City KS
  • 1340 KCQL Aztec NM
  • 1340 KTOX Needles CA
  • 1370 KWRT Boonville MO
  • 1420 KULY Ulysses KS
  • 1450 KIRX Kirksville MO
  • 1450 KZNU St. George UT
And lots of recordings to check.

Another sauna day today. We needed it! The staff at the guesthouse had maxed it out so when we got there, we were met with 110 Celsius! It went down to a more reasonable 95 degrees during our stay. The extra warmth was indeed needed - as we went there the weather was dry and calm. When we left - well, see for yourselves!

Dinner! Olav Skår and his wife had generously supplied us with minced moose meat from a recent hunt, and chanterelle mushroom. From which we made moose burgers with mashed root veggies and sauce with the mushroom. Absolutely magnificent. And so was the wine - a 2011 La Bogliona red wine.

Moose burgers.

No starters apart from some snacks and beer. We were supposed to have assorted cheese for dessert. Alas... nature called.  Aka sleep.

Weather: Mostly calm and dry most of the day, +2 Celsius. From the evening at around 17 local, strong northwest winds and rain and sleet. Still above zero, but only just.

Tomorrow Sunday will be our final day at the KONG45 DX-pedition.

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