Tuesday, October 25, 2022

KONG45 - Day Five

Now back on track!

This morning we were invited to breakfast at Kongsfjord Guesthouse with Jim and Mika, and on the way back to the KONG HQ I took this picture:

Conditions were quite uninspiring overnight, but improved a bit and during the morning hours and early afternoon we noted stations like KPRL Paso Robles CA 1230, KCUP Toledo OR 1230 and KBBR North Bend OR 1340 (a first for me). The were quite a few South American stations audible off the back lobe of the 80-degrees beverage, such as Universo 970 from Paraguay.

Hawaii continued to be heard throughout the day, and KUAU-1570 well into the early evening.

We went back to the guesthouse in the afternoon because we had booked sauna! Fortunately no live footage from that visit, but here's how it looks like (beer bottle for size comparison...)

Today's dinner was a two-dish thing, først duck liver paste on roasted sourdough bread. Then, tenderloins from reindeer calves served with a root paste and a sauce with chanterels. A Barolo red wine went very well with the reindeer. 
Were supposed to have a dessert, but there was not room for any more!

The temperature hoved just above freezing, a little breeze and long sunny spells. No precipitation.

And to end this post, below is a photo I took on a hike this afternoon in the Kongsfjord area. The KONG HQ is inside the red ring you can see to the left in the photo.

And tomorrow: Maybe the King Crab has arrived? At least the ship supposedly carrying the valuable cargo has just called on Berlevåg harbour!

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