Sunday, October 23, 2022

KONG45 - Day Three

Today's message is: Never let K-indices decide on your DX-ing! The major storm levels reported at Andenes yesterday did indeed put a large dent in the overnight Jaguar Yaslog. The result was that dominating stations became less dominant, and we had some interesting spot conditions from around 03-04 until 07 UTC. The 340 beverage at the KONG HQ brought some interesting stations from the western part of North America such as KRWB-MN 1410, KSJK-OR 1230, KEED-OR 1450, KCVR-CA 1570, KMBY-CA 1240, KMKY-CA 1310 and KVTO-CA 1400. From the Mount Loran files we noted stations further east like WSOY-IL 1340, WLLM-IL 1370, KXFN-MO 1360 (files still to be reviewed). 

Asia and Pacific reception was uninspiring, to say the least.

We had a nice and fresh 90-minute walk around the peninsula today, and checked the 50-degrees beverage on the way home. Entering its fourth year of service, the wire was visibly unaffected by the last three harsh winter conditions, and has had no need for repairs of any kind. As often is the case; quality comes at a price but in the long run it pays off. Pictures from the walk below.

Food-wise, we had a slight emergency. The lamb shanks we were supposed to cook in Barolo did not smell right. So we decided not to take any chances, and improvised a new main course. The starter, as scheduled, was salma tartar with the excellent Schwedhelm Riesling white wine. The main course was made up of woked veggies, and fish cakes (fried fish balls) from local fish and production. For dessert: Chocolate pudding with custard, and a bit of Amaretto. And Grappa.

The whereabouts of the King Crab is still a mystery. Maybe we will learn more tomorrow. Or maybe not.

3-4 degrees Celsius today, quite windy, dry periods, other times rainy. 

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