Tuesday, October 25, 2022

KONG45 - Day Four (delayed version)

OK, so the King Crab mystery was solved, or at least we know where it is. Which is not here. We have hopes that within a day or two we will have it. Somewhat short of supplies due to the missing King Crab and the smelly lamb shanks, we took a trip to nearby Båtsfjord (a 100-km return drive) for a bit of shopping. Excellent weather but a bit icy roads as you can see on the photo below.

On the return drive from Båtsfjord

Shortly after our return to base camp, our old friend Olav Skår (LA9VFA) turned up with chanterelle, and minced meat from his moose hunting. So, there will be some high quality burgers coming up one day!

And later in the afternoon, we had visitors from Finland! DX aces Jim Solatie and Mika Mäkelainen took a day off from the poor conditions and drove 280 km from their shack in Aihkiniemi for dinner. Since we couldn't serve the king crab, we opted for a high quality fish soup based on locally caught and processed cod loins and lots of other tasty stuff. Before that, we had hummus with fried artichokes on newly baked sourdough bread. For dessert, the most delicioius home made chocolate mousse. Kim Crawford white wine from New Zealand was the perfect companion. And of course, we had a taste of Amaretto, Grappa, Krupnik (indeed!) and a port wine.

Some pictures below.

A little bit of champagne to celebrate another gettogether

Another cheers! 

KONG HQ welcomes AIH crew! That shadow in front of the house is actually OJS...

Conditions: Some signals throughout the night, but low levels and hardly anything of interest. We didn't even bother to collect the SSD at Mt. Loran but decided to wait another day.

The weather was very nice, around 2 above freezing, dry and little wind.

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