Saturday, October 29, 2022

KONG45 Day Eight - Good Beginnings!

But short-lived. We had excellent signal levels in the beginning of the night, especially between 01:00 and 03:00 as you can see on the Yaslog below, but the rest of the night and following day was indeed uninspiring. Some logs to mention include KLIK-MO 1240, KBEW-MN 1560, WZYX-TN 1440 (Mt. Loran), KMAJ-KS 1440, WWWI-MN 1270, KVFD-IA 1400, XEJVP-Chih 1560 and a monster daytime signal from KZMQ Greybull WY on 1140. Ole discovered the by far best catch that day with KMCD Fairfield IA 1570, surfacing when all the other stations on the frequency had faded down.

The poor conditions continued towards Asia later on, although we haven't checked later in the afternoon and evening.

I had a short walk in the nice but cold weather and shot a few pictures with my mobile phone, presented below. Temperatures were just above freezing, dry and breezy.

Road towards the Veines hamlet

The Veines peninsula with the hamlet and to the left the KONG HQ

"Bird island"


Road from the Veines hamlet to the main road connection

So then, dinner! For starters, we had king crab leftovers mixed with creme fraiche and mayonnese, red onion and trout roe. The main course was cod loins & salsa, served with rice. And another leftover for dessert, cloudberries with whipped cream. The cod in salsa was moderately hot, so we chose a Kim Crawford Pinot Noir to go with it. And a bit of Amaretto for the dessert. And a bit of Grappa.

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