Wednesday, October 26, 2022

KONG45 Day Six - The Arrival Of The King Crab!

Finally! The key ingredient in one of our signature dinners has arrived, and was collected when SSDs were exchanged at Mt. Loran. Which reminds me that I forgot to elaborate on the dinner yesterday, in fact another signature dinner: Reindeer!

We got fresh calf tenderloins from one of the reindeer herders in this area and fried them (carefully!) with lots of chili, garlic and ginger. Served with mashed root veggies and sauce. Quick and easy to make, but eating takes time! Barolo wine was served with the tenderloins. For starters, we had duck liver paste served on roasted sourdough bread with herbs and spices. We postponed the dessert "to another day"...

So the King Crab arrived with yesterday's ferry. And there will be a feast on Thursday. And maybe some left-overs too!

So, what about DX? The general signal level from North America improved a lot last night. After an easterly start, conditions soon moved towards the CDT, MDT and PDT area. So far nothing in the "new log" department, but less common stations like KKSE-CO 950 and KHTS-CA 1220 were noted. GY channels were quite open with many stations noted. A bit too much dominance from the very common Canadian prairie stations though.

Asia/Pacific area finally got going early, with 1-kW JOFP NHK1 Fukushima noted on 1323 during their local ID at 10:00Z, likewise JOCG NHK1 Asahikawa 837, and 4QD-1548 audible soon after along with weak signals from New Zealand. Not an amazing day otherwise.

Dinner today: No starter! The main course was lamb's fore leg, baked for 6 hours which qualified for "pulled" status. Barolo wine with the lamb, then assorted cheeses for dessert. Did we mention Amaretto?

Weather: The day started just below zero, stayed dry and relatively calm until into the afternoon when we had wind, rain showers and 2-3 degrees Celsius.

To round off this post, below is a photo taken two days ago from the window of the guesthouse's sauna.


Anonymous said...

I can't make up my mind what I like most of this blog... DX? Cuisine? Antennas? I need more :)

TKDX said...

Hi there; but no Grappa?
br Tarmo

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Always Grappa.