Thursday, October 27, 2022

KONG45 Day Seven - The Disapperance Of The King Crab!

So! Thursday came with sunny and quite calm weather save a hefty shower midday, but we did wake up to a new snow cover. The temperature stayed just above zero most of the day but dropped below in the evening.

Conditions towards North America was mostly westwards, including stations like KOIL-NE 1290, KDCO-CO 1340, KWYZ-WA and KCUP-OR 1230, KIIX-CO 1410 and KQFN-AZ 1580, but also KZIP Amarillo TX 1310, a new one for us. The Mount Loran beverage was suspiciously unproductive, so we need to check the antenna tomorrow. From Asia the only one worthy of mention is the JOQG NHK-1 Aomori via Fukaura (1584 kHz, 100 watts).

Today, the King Crab disappeared. But not before it had been baked on a bed of salt, and served with carbonara! For starters we had the traditional Västerbottenpai with trout roe. The Kim Crawford white wine went extremely well with both the pie and the crab. For dessert, a very traditional one from this area, cloudberries with whipped cream and an apple pie from the guesthouse. Amaretto and Grappa was served with the dessert. 

Helping us make the King Crab disappear was the super friendly crew from Kongsfjord Guesthouse, three from Italy and one from Spain, (from left): Max, Laura, Eliza and Francesco. They should be five, but unfortunately, Rebecca couldn't make it.


TKDX said...

Så hygge

Anonymous said...

So, I guess you are very near the Kongsfjord Guest House? Beautiful area. Do you guys own the DX Cabin, together as a group?