Friday, October 21, 2022

KONG45 - Day One

Right! So here we are. I arrived by car at around 11:30 UTC while Ole and OJ, who had to rely on planes, arrived at 13:00. Calm weather with temperatures around zero, very different to yesterday's severe gale. But that's the Arctic for you!

Overnight's conditions to North America were less than impressive, varying quite a lot but conditions lasted throughout the morning until the afternoon with west coast, Alaskan and Hawaiian signals. A brief scan revealed semi-regular WGIL Galesburg IL 1400 as the only one worthy of mention.

Later in the evening we had Bjarne's fish soup with chocolate pudding with custard for dessert, and of course a bit of amaretto.

Below is a view from the KONG HQ at around 12:00Z.

More to come!

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