Sunday, October 28, 2018

KONG37 - Last Day

Sunday morning: Windy, snow showers and 0 Celsius. OJ and TJ are packing and preparing for the 3-hour drive to Kirkenes airport. I will stay until Monday morning since I have meetings not too far away from here.

The Mount Loran equipment was dismantled yesterday, along with another 400 GB of overnight recordings. Not too exiting stuff from first looks, but with that location you never know. Below is the equipment we used. Since entrance to the area was restricted last summer, a wheelbarrow is absolutely crucial for transporting the equipment the 850-metre walk up to the listening post. The vertical climb is 40 meters, half of it during the first 200 meters.

PC/SDR box with cover/camouflage, antenna reel and wheelbarrow.

Saturday's dinner was a variant of the traditional Norwegian course fried saithe fillets with grated carrots and potatoes. We added red onion and bacon for more flavour. We had Calles Riesling with the fish. For dessert we had another round with assorted cheeses and another bottle of the superb port wine we had on Friday.

So! KONG37 has come to the end! The Mount Loran beverage was a great success, and we hope to have access to the area next year too. If not, we have a plan B site which is potentially almost as good. To round off, here's a photo of "Shag Island" where the shags are doing feather maintenance after a dive. The seagull in the middle seems a little lost.

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