Friday, October 26, 2018

KONG37 - Day Eight

Conditions, although "good" in terms of signal levels, appeared less interesting than the day before, with far less daytimer signals - one exception was WCJW-NY 1140, and traces of KOUU-ID 1290.

Checking Mount Loran recordings from the day before turned out to bring a few surprises, especially from 06:00Z towards noon. And especially on the lower part of the band. Some stations of interest in the morning were KNRS-UT 570, CKWW-ON 580, CHNL-BC 610, KFPT-CA 790 and WKY-OK 930. Many other west coast stations were noted. CJWW Saskatoon 600 is a daily guest here so nothing spectacular about that, but click on the link if you want to hear a super strong signal!

The usual Pacific dominants were there, but again, nothing of interest from New Zealand and Australia.

Thursday was shopping day, and Thursday was also Sauna & Dinner at Kongsfjord Guesthouse day! Excellent old-style salted cod with bacon, and cloudberry panna cotta for dessert. And a little aquavit.

The weather is wetter - and windier. Yesterday had rain showers most of the day, changing to sleet in the evening as the temperature fell to near zero Celsius.

As I am writing this, Ole has just left for a 1000-km drive to Andøya in what the met office describes as "difficult driving conditions". Here is from the first mountain pass he will cross. 48 hours from now, the rest of the crew will leave.

A couple of afternoon pictures from the house:

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