Wednesday, October 24, 2018

KONG37 - Day Six

More than half way! But still no proper daytime opening! And still no super New Zealand and Australia opening! Mount Loran does deliver nice things though, like WNVY-FL 1070, WSQR-IL 1180, WIBW-KS 580 and XEGS-SN 610. And recordings from previous days (and weeks!) also reveal interesting stations.

Asia/Pacific was less inspiring, but as usual, Tonga-1017 and Kiribati-1440 were up with nice signals early in the day. The band was rather noisy at the time.

The Daily Dinner Report: For starters we had - uh, well we sort of didn't start. The main course was reindeer tenderloins and a potato paste with bacon mixed in. And a sauce with onion, shallot and leek. For dessert we had - uh, well we sort of didn't have that. Assorted cheese were chosen, but we all fell asleep in various body positions usually not associated with sleeping. So....!

Some morning rain, but the rest of the day was partly cloudy, dry and calm. Excellent for my first KONG37 8.5 km run. Temperatures around 4 Celsius, though colder in the morning with snow on the mountains. Pictures below were taken before sunset, hence the reddish glow.

Mountain plateau to the south

Sun setting over Kongsfjord village

View to the north and the antenna supports

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