Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KONG22 - Wednesday Morning

Yesterday morning, the ionosphere finally settled enough or us to receive more than a handful of stations from North America. The best period was around 0500 UTC with many signals from the western part of the continent such as KELA-1470 and KBZY-1490.

Pacific later in the morning and noon was rather disappointing, with only Marshall Islands and Kiribati surfacing. It wasn't until early afternoon we had decent signals from Japan. At that time of the day, the inferference from China is usually severe.

Yesterday was another king crab day, this time with focaccia and Siberian chive olive oil, and chocolate-lime soufflé for dessert.

Weather's been quite nice the past two days, partly couldy and mostly dry. Temperatures in the 3-6 degrees Celsius range.

Conditions this night/morning were reasonably good. Right now around local sunrise (7.30 am) the signals usually take a dip before getting stronger again later in the morning. Hoping to hear some early Pacific/Asia today.

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