Monday, October 15, 2012

KONG22 - Monday Evening

Still very disturbed conditions, but one or two stations did manage to get through, such as KWYO 1410 which OJ Sagdahl heard last night. Very weak conditions throughout the morning, but Marshall Islands and Kiribiti were audible.  Early in the afternoon we experienced very nice condtions to Japan with a nice ID from  JOFD Fukushima relay station in Koriyama on 1512. Thanks Takashi Kuroda for confirming the JOFD identification.

Some Australian stations were heard in early evening.

Dinner today was burned figs with parma ham , followed by woked salmon as main course. Cheese, chocolate pudding and vanilla custard for dessert. Wines: Chardonnay Les Graviers 2010 with the main course, and Luxardo Amaretto with the dessert.

Windy and rainy today, 5 degrees Celsius.

The solar conditions appear to be a little more quiet now.

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