Saturday, October 20, 2012

KONG22 Saturday: Finally Something From North America

On the second last morning, North American stations were heard with good signal levels. Some examples: KTRF Thief River Falls MN 1230, KWIX Moberly MO 1230, KEYS Corpus Christi TX 1440 and WGBW Denmark WI 1590. Yesterday had a fair opening towards Japan on the 1320 UTC NHK-2 ID spot, with 500-watt JORC heard on 1467 with the ID from JOTC 1521. The latter was possibly also heard.

Yesterday also saw the annual KONG dinner at Kongsfjord Guest House. While there, the weather took a definitive turn for the worse, and we're now experiencing gale force winds, rain and sleet and +2 Celsius. The sleet occasionally induce static noise to the antennas, but mostly  they're behaving fine. The picture was taken at 1030 local (0830 UTC). The 50 degree beverage is exceptionally quiet, so we're hoping for Pacific stations around noon.
View from the window - not very tempting to walk outside. The MiniWhip is mounted on the fiber glass rod.

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