Sunday, October 14, 2012

KONG22 - Sunday Afternoon

Most of the day was extremely uneventful, with only a few and weak signals from Alaska and Hawaii, plus Marshall Islands-1089 and Kiribati-1440. Towards the afternoon, things started to improve with better audio from Asia. Excellent signals from Japan from  13:00 onwards, and more than 20 stations from India were logged at 15:30 on the backlobe of the 310 beverage. Maybe there is hope for the coming night.

Today's dinner was quite traditional, first Salmon Sashimi with Sake (to celebrate the excellent Japan signals), followed by King Crab Carbonara. Assorted cheese (with my favourite Papillon Roquefort) for dessert.

Weather's been quite ok with decreasing winds, mostly dry in the afternoon (so I could enjoy a nice jog to the lighthouse), and around 5 degrees Celsius.

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