Saturday, October 13, 2012

KONG22 - Saturday Morning

Ole Forr arrived yesterday evening, and after a very uneventful night we woke up to some Alaska, Hawaii and west coast stations. Conditions are brittle though - going very much up & down with the changing ionosphere. Stations are popping up from the noise with nice levels for a few seconds, then they dive into the noise again. The most stable station this morning appears to be KZDG San Francisco CA 1550 with its Indian format. Other stations noted are KLAM Cordova AK 1450 with very nice levels, and KXXJ Juneau AK 1330.

OJ Sagdahl and TJ Bråtveit are scheduled to land at Berlevåg airport at 13:17 local.

UPDATE: KMIK Tempe AZ 1580 somewhat surprising log at 07:00 and 40-watt CBKD weak under KKAA an hour later. Also at 07:00 a readable TIS station on 1610 which will be uploaded for expert scrutiny (thanks PAX crew for the tip). At the moment Marshall Isl-1098 is heard with a weak signal.

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