Thursday, October 13, 2011

Winradio G31DDC LF Sensitivity

The following may be of interest for a very small percentage of my readers. However, there was a discussion on a Winradio refelctor on this issue, a debate coloured by many assumptions and few facts. I never did bother to measure the G31's LF sensitivity, but today I did. With the usual parameters (AM mode, 6 kHz bandwidth, a 400 Hz tone and 30 % modulation), I measured:

500 kHz: -104 dBm
400 kHz: -104 dBm
300 kHz: -102 dBm
200 kHz: -102 dBm
150 kHz: -102 dBm
100 kHz: -100 dBm

I'd say that's fairly good. The G31 doesn't have a built-in preamp, like many conventional receivers have, so a direct comparison may not be fair unless an external 10 dB Norton push-pull preamp is placed in front of it. If so, the G31 will play games with anyone.


Vanguard said...

Interesting set of LF results - can you comment on how this could compare with the SDR-IQ or Perseus ?

Many thanks - RH/G0TKZ

Bjarne Mjelde said...

No, I haven' measured them on LF, but from NDB DX-ers I know that they perform well.