Friday, October 14, 2011

KONG21 DX-Pedition Starting Today

Another year, another KONG DX-pedition. This year, it starts today and ends on Saturday, October 21. TJ Bråtveit and Arnstein Bue are scheduled to arrive at 1100 UTC while OJ Sagdahl takes a later plane and arrives at 2100. Conditions are ok, not exceptional but not discouraging either. A number of Perseus, Winradio G31s and G33, an RF Space NetSDR and a QS1R will help us get through the coming week. And if they can't help, we are well supplied with 10 kgs of King Crab, reindeer tender loins, fresh salmon loins, ox tender loin from Uruguay and carefully selected red and white wine, champagne and various other beverages.

Speaking of beverages, the antenna farm is the usual: a QDFA and three beverages directed at 310, 340 and 50 degrees.

Just below freezing today so the roads are icy and a bit slippery, but we're expecting close to 10 Celsius on Sunday.

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