Sunday, October 09, 2011

Finally Some Transpolar DX

The sun hasn't been kind to us lately. The contrast between now and a year ago is startling. But there's not much we can do about it except search for the few openings there are. Like this morning at 0400 when east coast stations were well audible.

A check of the overnight scheduled G33DDC recordings was not encouraging, but at 0400 things opened up a bit and I noted WFLR Dundee NY 1570 which is a rare guest, along with WBAE Portland ME 1490 (actually a new station for me at this location) and a few others. Some of the Ontario stations like 1580, 1380 and especially CJMR-1320 had excellent signals, but then they are not the ones we want to hear.

October 9 was the first day of the season with a thin white layer on the ground. It's expected to stay cool but above freezing the week to come.

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