Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Morning

An uneventful night, but a bit better in the daylight hours. 910 produced KCJB first, later on KWDZ. Graveyard channels mostly dominated by Idaho, Oregon and Washington stations. KBLA Santa Monica CA had a wonderful signal on 1580 a while. We had hoped for similar Asia/Pacific conditions as yesterday, when Kiribati-1440 had a great signal prior to s/off 0930 UTC, but the band has been very, very quiet. Only now, around 10:30 do we hear the first Japanese stations. Luckily, the sun is still relatively quiet, and we can only hope for it to stay that way.

I have had the chance to play around with the new Winradio G33DDC with the latest software revision a few days, a "joint venture" between me and Radixon.  We have indeed made some progress, and I hope it will continue.

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