Tuesday, October 22, 2019

KONG39 Report Day Five (October 22)


Signal levels didn't really begin to raise until 22:00, so we're still waiting for the GREAT evening daytime opening. Still, pre-midnight conditions provided one (temporarily undisclosed) new station, and signal levels were in fact excellent until sunrise reached the North American west coast after 14:00. Morning daytime signals noted from KUIK Hillsboro OR 1360, KVMX Olivehurst CA 890 and several others. And we haven't even begun to examine the Mount Loran recordings! Excellent signals also from Hawaii, and rare stuff from Alaska like KVAK Valdez 1230.

Pacific/Asia was a bit disappointing (again), but we did note both Kiribati stations (846 and 1440) with good signals very early in the day.

As usual, once every KONG we eat at Kongsfjord Gjestehus. We enjoyed an hour in their luxury sauna first, and was then served a superb Bacalao with an Amarone della Valpolicella 2018 red wine. Apple pie and Aquavit + coffee for dessert.

We're now hoping for the long-awaited daytime opening towards North America...

Weather was nice, relatively calm and sunny most of the day, temperatures just below 0 Celsius.

Never a blogpost without a picture - today's is a drone photo from the day showing the KONG HQ and its vicinity to the inhospitable Barents Sea. Photographer is Arnt Eirik Hansen. Do a search for his pictures, he does great stuff.


TKDX said...

As always you have great postings here and interesting stuffs. I´ve got some nice times to check your Kiwi as well - seems to be the Asia-Pac bev is on? . Great signals and today noted also Kiribati 1440 and 846 as well. I´ll made some donations soon, which I hope others will do as well. And indeed your Menus are always nice!
73, TK Tarmo (Espoo Finland)

Bjarne Mjelde said...

TK: Yes, the AS/OC beverage is on.

David Visser said...

Hi Bjarne,

Heard this afternoon on 518 Navtex Honolulu Hawaii and Taiwan and decode it almost error free...

Send donation

Greetings from Holland


Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thank you David!