Sunday, October 20, 2019

KONG39 Report Day Three (Oct 20)

Another day with no trace of daytime conditions. Reasonably good signal levels towards North America overnight, but at 05:00 conditions made a deep dip, and remained at low levels throughout the day. The usual west coast stations were well audible, in addition to stations like KLGN Logan UT 1390, KQFN Tempe AZ 1580 and KWBG Boone ID 1590. Hawaiian stations were audible with excellent signal levels until well into the afternoon. Heard them all before, though.

From the 340-degreees, west North America beverage
Pacific signals started extremely early, around 08:30 with good signals from Kiribati-1440, Marshall Islands-1098 and Tonga-1017. We had hopes that this would be THE Pacific opening. However, the signals fizzled out into nothingness, with little or no interesting stations to be heard during the rest of the day.

So! Dinner! For starters, we had duck liver paste on roasted bread. The main course was calf shanks cooked four hours in Barolo red wine. Dessert: Chocolate pudding and custard with Amaretto and Grappa!

Weather: Relatively calm and sunny in the beginning of the day. The skies remained clear, but the wind increased to strong breeze in the afternoon and evening. -3 Celsius, so with the wind chill factor Sunday was definately a chilly day!

310 beverage. Contrails from  Qatar 739 from Doha to Los Angeles.

Rough shores near our site.

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