Saturday, October 26, 2019

KONG39 Day Nine (October 26)

Note to self: Never underestimate the power of the ionosphere, even during stormy conditions!

The 340-degrees beverage performs admirably, it is extremely quiet and sensitive, and is able to pick up exceptionally weak signals. During the night, we had a couple of spot openings towards California/Arizona/Nevada, with some excellent stations noted, such as: KWWN Las Vegas NV 1100, KINO Winslow AZ 1230, KVMI Tulare CA 1270, KFIV Modesto CA 1360 and KNIM Maryville MO 1580. Most of them during a five-minute opening. Carriers were barely visible on the waterfall.

Later in the day we went to Mount Loran to dismantle the 1000-metre beverage and the rest of the equipment there. Sweaty, we spent an hour in the Guesthouse sauna before we had fried saithe fillets for dinner, and assorted cheese + chocolate cake with custard for dessert.

Sunday morning is departure day for Ole and OJ. I will spend a few more hours, to empty the summer water supply and prepare the house for the coming winter.

A bit windy on Mount Loran, otherwise quite nice weather, hovering around the 0 Celsius mark.

We hope you have enjoyed our reports! Next year, same place! "Thanks for listening" from Ole Forr, OJ Sagdahl and Bjarne Mjelde.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bjarne and friends.
I see, you have had some wonderful days with "arctic listenig"!
Thank you for your wonderful pictures of your home and country,
and thank you for all your wonderful reports this year.

Greetings from Seevetal, near Hamburg.

Volker Petersen

NRD 535DG, Perseus SDR, NTI Loop FX, Stampl Active Dipol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reports.

NRD545, Perseus used here.

Unknown said...

Wonderful despite the interesting solar conditions!