Sunday, October 20, 2019

KONG39 Report Day Two (Oct 19)

Overnight conditions towards North America were not spectacular, but some stations noted, such as KCSF Colorado Springs CO 1300. Another surprise was KARN Little Rock AR 920. KXPN Kearney NE 1460 has been noted on several occasions, too often for only 56 watts at night we think.  Very strong signals from Hawaii from around 09:00 and into the afternoon.

Also a few NZ showed up at around 10:00, but after signal levels did a deep dive, NZ never recovered. Australia did show up with some stations at excellent signal levels - 2RN Wollongong 1431 was the only noteworthy.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, except we tested a few nice beers, such as Djævelsk Fruktig Double IPA, Survival of the Hoppiest Double IPA and Oppigårds New Sweden IPA.

Dinner is something we always look forward to. For starters we had bruscetta consisting of fresh, no-knead bread with small tomatoes, fresh basil and parmesan cheese (and a handful of garlic).

The main course was fresh salmon with carbonara (and a handful of garlic), and we ended up with assorted cheese (without garlic). Calles's Riesling for the starter and main course, and a Niepoort port wine for the dessert.

Temperatures from 0 to -2 Celsius, snow showers but otherwise sunny as you can see below.

The other picture shows a view, although limited, to the north. Two beverage antennas actually cross the dirt road but you probably can't see them.

Sunday morning status: Weather much the same. Good signal levels overnight!

View to the south

View to the north


Steve McDonald said...

What type of fresh Salmon is popular there ? Atlantic Salmon or the much redder Sockeye ? ... perhaps they go by different names there?


Bjarne Mjelde said...

only Atlantic salmon, from a genetically Norwegian variety. Nothing else is farmed or fished.

Steve McDonald said...

Nice! Atlantic Salmon here is not pink/red but it looks like your variety has a nice red coloured flesh. In BC where I am, Atlantic Salmon is only farmed and not very popular because of that. The most popular Salmon here is Sockeye, usually from our Fraser River run but it spends much of its life up in Alaskan waters. I eat Salmon three or four times per week as it is reasonably priced and delivers many health benefits. Your meals look superb BTW!